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Table Orders for Restaurants & Cafes with
Tablet Order Card

Easy Orders

Invoice Management

Sales Report

Operate Offline

Multi Locations

Easy Order Taking

Brands using our POS to grow their sales.


Menu Selection

Customers can choose for the Menu items & order directly from their tablet devices ; available on their Tables.

Multi Location

No matter you are a single spot Hotel, Cafe or you have Multiple Branches, our POS is suitable for multi locations too.

Print Receipts

Provide your customers with the printed receipts of their placed orders.

Work Offline

Tablet Order Card is fully functional to operate in offline environment, no worries of Internet Connection.

Sales Report

Get your sales data either for single branch or multiple locations with the ease of just one click.

Staff Management

Its easy to manage your staff payroll & performance with the built in staff management solution.

Tablet Order Card POS can smooth your restaurant operations and grows your customer base.

Managing Restaurant Business is Easy Now

No matter you have started your new restaurant business, or you are already in this business field, TOC Point of Sale can help you to boost your business by adopting smart technology solution for Restaurants, Cafes & Coffee Shops.

Easy-to-use application that can scale with your business.

Tablet Order Card POS is very easy to use for your restaurant, coffee shop or cafe business. Every task is super easy & cool to perform conveniently.

Count your high graph sales from multiple branches at one place

Counting your Daily, Monthly sales is not a big deal now, TOC system can help you to calculate your sales very quickly. Our POS is built user friendly to bring the total sales of your business.

Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time

Using High End Cloud Based Hosting for our POS system makes it secure and fast to operate for your restaurant or coffee shop setup.

Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions

Tablet Order Card POS can facilitate the customers to pay smoothly by accepting different payment mods, accepting billing have made more convenient for restaurant owners by using TOC system.

Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down

No dependencies for outdated hardware devices to run TOC system, we use latest robust technology to run our software, install and use it even on your tablet device.

Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your customer list

Turn your business smart with the advance moves of the world by providing table ordering system to your customers in your coffee shop, pizza shop or restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get registered with Tablet Order Card POS?

You only need to complete the aforementioned form in order to register with Tablet Order Card POS. Enter your necessary information here, including your name, contact information, password, and restaurant information. Click the Register Now button to continue and use Tablet Order Card POS after that.

Will this POS software efficiently run my Restaurant business?

Without any doubt, the innovative Tablet Order Card POS is a cloud-based point of sale system created especially for restaurants to improve operations and boost productivity.

Where would I get more information about Tablet Order Card POS?

The Tablet Order Card POS has attractive and modern features that are well suited to your restaurant’s needs. Visit our website or send us an email to learn more about the features of the TOC restaurant POS system.

May I connect the pos printer and cash drawer with this software?

Yes. you can print receipts and tokens by POS printer, and a cash drawer can also connect with this software.

Can I receive any technical support from Tablet Order Card POS ?

We provide our customers remote or personalised technical help around-the-clock. Regardless of where you are. You can count on our customer support team at all times.

What if I’m not receiving any verification code?

Please make sure you have strong mobile phone connections if you can’t get the verification code. ‘Resend’ should be selected, or you may check the given email. Send an email or get in touch with our support team if the issue continues.

From where would I download the latest POS builds?

Contact us directly, write an email or call us to guide you properly.

May I use this software like POS?

Yes. We have Desktop Apps (Windows, Mac,) and Mobile Apps (Android, IOS) and you can use it as a restaurant POS software.

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